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              Changzhou City, Jiang Tao Hydraulic Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome friends wing, eagerly looking forward to guiding you call letter or in person.  
            Oil Pump
            High pressure hose a
            Hydraulic Machinery
              Changzhou Jiangtao Hydraulic Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd
            Add:Henglin Town, Changzhou City
            Tel: (0519)88781553/88494087/88494785
            E-mail:jiangtaoyy@126.com czjtyy@163.com
              Contact Us

            Changzhou Jiangtao Hydraulic Part Manufacturing Co., Ltd sincerely welcomes friends of all circles to grant instructions and earnestly expects everybody to write letter or come in person for guidance. 
            Add: Henglin Town, Changzhou City 
            Tel: (0519)88781553/88494087/88494785
            Fax: (0519)88788558
            P. C.: 213101
            Website Add:
            E-mail:jiangtaoyy@126.com    czjtyy@163.com 

            Regarding matters concerned product information, real-time quotation and sale agent, please call sales department to inquire.
            Tel: (0519) 88781553 88494087 
            Regarding matters concerned quality complaints, cooperative production and nonstandard processing, please call production department or factory office to inquire.
            Tel: (0519)8 8494785 13606115090
            Regarding matters concerned architectural design, decoration engineering and web page making, please call C-Cube computer workroom to inquire.
            Tel: 13099750599

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