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            Classification of pneumatic valves
            Creatime: 2014/5/9

            A pneumatic valve main types :

            1 ) Pneumatic V type ball valve

            2 ) O -off ball valve pneumatic

            3 ) Torque Cylinder Ball

            4 ) Electromagnetic Diaphragm

            5 ) pneumatic diaphragm valve straight Programs

            6 ) electric valve

            Second, the pneumatic valve V -type :

            Uses and Features

            A, use a quarter-turn structure , it positioner supporting the use of proportional control can be achieved ; V spool is ideal for a variety of regulatory occasions, with rated flow coefficient, adjustable ratio, good sealing effect, zero -sensitive regulation performance , small size, can be installed vertically lying . Applicable to gas, vapor , liquid medium.

            B, characterized by : a quarter-turn structure, the V -type valve , pneumatic actuators , positioners and other annexes ; has an approximate equal percentage flow characteristics inherent ratio ; double bearing structure, small starting torque , with a very good sensitivity and speed sensors ; superior shear capacity.

            C, pneumatic piston actuator using compressed air as a power source , driven by movement of the piston crank 90 degrees rotation , to automatically open and close the valve . It 's an integral part of : adjusting screw actuator box, crank , cylinder block, cylinder shaft , piston, connecting rod , universal shaft .

            D, pneumatic control valve works: pneumatic control valve from the actuator and control agencies. Executive body regulating valve thrust component , which according to the size of a corresponding control signal pressure thrust , push regulating agency action . Pneumatic control valve is a valve regulating member , which is directly in contact with the regulating medium , to regulate the flow of the fluid .

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